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Our Guarantee


Our Guarantee is simple

We stand by our products all the way, so if something goes wrong… we’ll fix it. If the tiles that we supply on your walls or floor are unserviceable because they wear through, or if they are not up to Australian Standards for quality, we’ll fix them.

And that goes for the ABA brand adhesives we use too.

And we will stand by that guarantee for 7 years.

So rest assured you will have beautiful, quality tiles to look at for at least the next 7 years and beyond!


Yes we have some rules. (guidelines)

Grab your glasses and read this fine print.

1. If you think that something is wrong.. you need to tell us about it. Otherwise we won’t know that there is a problem. We need to be given a fair chance to have a look and assess the problem.

2. We expect that you treat your tiles with the love and affection that we do. If you abuse your tiles, they won’t stay looking as good as they did when we laid them.

So, we recommended that you use suitable gliders on furniture, mats at entrances

and never use abrasive or corrosive cleaners. Be nice to your tiles. They like a warm wash from time to time and they really do like to be tickled with a broom occasionally too.

3. If you haven’t paid for your tiles, and something was to go wrong (highly unlikely) then it can’t be a guarantee claim. The reason for this is simple…. The tiles still belong to us until you have paid for them.

4. We won’t take any responsibility for damage to our tiles caused by “dynamic structural building movement” (that is a tech term for the house cracking) nor, design defect, earth tremors, fire or flood. And we definitely won’t guarantee someone else’s shoddy work or damage to our tiles from a tiler.

5. Don’t forget to keep your receipt as proof of purchase that the tiles are from us.

6. Excludes seconds as these tiles have minor imperfections.

7. Please check all quantities, shades and suitability of adhesives and tiles BEFORE job commences. Life’s Tiles will not consider claims after the tiles are laid.