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Find a Tiler

If you are not into DIY, or if you don’t have a builder supervising your work, that’s ok.
We know the best tradespeople in town and can arrange an introduction at a time that suits you.

The tilers listed below have generally shown us an excellent record of service, skill and customer satisfaction. Please take note however that Life’sTiles do not employ these tradespeople and we cannot guarantee their work. We always recommend that you ask for some references from your tiler of previous satisfied clients. A great way to ensure you have found the right tiler for the job is to inspect a current project that is in progress.

Just part of the service!

Adelaide (Central) Tilers List

Business NameContactLicence NumberPhone Specialises in
Nussio Tiling
Adam NussioBLD – 1732200409 673 552General Tiling, Repairs, Kitchen Splash backs, Bathrooms, Silicone
Central Metro Area
Unley TilingDamien CappelloBLD – 1599640411 049 944Large Floor Tiling,
Kitchen Splashbacks
& General Tiling Needs
Central Metro Area
Oreo Property DevelopmentDavid OreoBLD – 1919470418 838 524Bathroom Renovations
Central Metro Area
Michael IrvineMichael IrvineBLD – 524960408 806 815Large Floor Tiling,
Kitchen Splashbacks
& General Tiling Needs
North and Central Metro Area
Anthony ScardignoAnthony ScardignoBLD – 261 6200403 348 516Bathroom
General Tiling,
South and Fleurieu Area
Paul ScardignoPaul ScardignoBLD – 405780418 887 885Bathroom Renovations
Central Metro Area
Quality AssuredAdam DjemalBLD – 2701520487 053 954General Tiling, Large Floors, Bathrooms
Eastern and Central Metro
Nev Jordan TilingNev JordanBLD – 2089670418 688 020General Tiling, Large Floors, No Job Too Small
North and Central Metro Area
Craig GillespieCraig Gillespie0439 320 040General Tiling, Plumbing, Bathrooms
Central Metro Area

Adelaide (West and South) Tilers List

Business Name Contact Licence NumberPhone Specialises in
Designatile Heath Shelmerdine1976750422 251 147- Complete bathroom renovations
- General wall & floor tiling
- All tiling needs
Elwyn LeederElwyn Leeder2337730468 914 884- All tiling needs
Bay's TilingPaul & Mandy Bailey2417970416 647 774- All tiling needs
A.K & E.J. BeachmanMary Beachman439980416 056 571- Complete bathroom renovations
- General wall & floor tiling
- All tiling needs
Adam's TilingAdam Mulley2511090424 775 397- All tiling needs
Scott FranklinScott Franklin2024370411 960 641- All tiling needs
Reflexion TilingBrendon Sidon2635270423 699 945- All tiling needs
Laurence BennettLaurence Bennett1795330412 545 450- All tiling needs
C.G & J.M Field Colin Field575270412 857 183- All tiling needs
Midcoast TilingJeremy Lunn2605940433 324 777- All tiling needs
Happy Valley Plumbing
Mclauren Vale Hot Water & Plumbing
Seaford Hot Water & Plumbing
Darryl Long2554910415 845 310- Bathroom renovations
- Plumbing

Adelaide (North) Tilers List

Business NameContactLicence NumberPhone Specialises in
G. Den-DunnenGerry Den-DunnenBLD – 0109880412 194 903Large format floor tiling and Bathrooms

Central Metro Area
Start2FinishMartin HuxleyBLD – 2395780431 815 742Full Bathroom Renovations
Force BathroomsBrett SellickBLD – 2107730439 814 220Full Bathroom Renovations Floor Tiling
True Blue Aussie TilingJamie BanksBLD – 2586440407 097 741Metro and Rural – Full Bathroom Renovations
And Floor Laying
JBR TilingJaycob RoccaBLD – 2382180409 854 890All Aspects of Tiling including Full Renovations
And Bathrooms
Branko Mandaric
Branko MandaricBLD – 2054150430 430 588All Aspects of Tiling
Home Improvement SolutionsGianni SpagnolettiBLD – 1863550456 629 840Full Renovations.
Specialise in Porcelain and Natural Stone.
Cutting Edge TilingMichael KenrickBLD – 2733600430 937 553Full Bathroom Renovations. Floor Tile
Preparation and Laying
Adelaide Precision TilingMikael UrmersbachBLD - 2681100423 516 682All Aspects of Wall and Floor Tiling.
Bathroom Renovations
Tony The Tiler
Tony GuerciaBLD – 275050412 370 492Full Bathroom Renovations. Floor Tile Laying
Clean-Cut Tiling
Hoang Nguyen
BLD – 2600930449 770 623All Aspects of Wall and Floor Tiling.